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And So It Begins…


Welcome to my blog!  The other day I posted on FB that I am ready now to focus on getting fit again since I fell off towards the end of 2014.  I know that loosing weight and getting fit is a whole lifestyle change and I am willing to get focused again and have fun doing it!  Posting my decision to start working on these goals on FB was a BIG accountability move for me but almost immediately I began receiving support from friends & family on FB who were already on their own health and fitness journey or like me desiring to start one again.

I just want to say THANK YOU that really helped me!

I woke up  at almost 4 am the other day with the desire to create this blog to help me get motivated and stay motivated this time around.  As I wrote down my ideas I couldn’t help but to become energized and inspired to really set the wheels in motion to get this thing popping.  I want everything that I post to really reflect my reality at the moment, that includes highs and lows of this journey but only to keep it real and still work towards turning it around.  I hope to share with you some of my workouts, some videos, tips and tricks I’ve learned and will learn and even some of my meal choices but not just me, YOU.  There are a lot of you that inspire me just by sharing your health and fitness journeys with me personally & on FB and Instagram and I want to highlight and share some of your stories here too.

I know your stories will not only continue to inspire me but also others who come across this blog. I haven’t “officially” started yet (unless you count two 20 second planks from the morning I started this post as something)…hey I think I will 😉  but as soon as I start I will be posting pics and sharing a little more in hopes that this will help me to stay motivated.  I’ve had two accountability partners for about 2-1/2 years now and it really helped me a lot but when I fell off it became harder to get back up, if you have ever been there you know what that feels like.  It truly  takes a made up mind and some movement to get things started and since I’ve been here before this is my new approach to help aid me commit, endure and succeed.  If you have already started, I am proud of you keep it up!  If you are like me right now, ready to start or restart this journey then I just want to say I am even more proud of you because I believe that this the hardest part so we are now on our way!!

I hope that you would follow me on this journey and feel free to share some of your stories and tips/tricks with me….right now I really need them!  xoxo!

If you would like to be featured please e-mail me at

Talk to you soon! 😉


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The Process…

I’ve been gone a ver9e8b05f3ef974e5b811961acb76bd006y long time but I have not forgotten this place or the many others I have left behind.  On this life journey sometimes one has to go through this thing called “process” & boy can I say that I have been undergoing serious process!  I am comforted by knowing that God has a vision for me, a perfect plan and that if I continue to learn to lean on Him even when it makes no sense or hurts, He’s got me!  God did not design me to fail, neither did he design you that way.  My experiences have taught me that there is always something greater that awaits and there is always more to do however being “busy” doesn’t mean that you are being purposeful or productive.  The process, like baking a cake needs raw ingredients and time to bake.  The process is just like waiting for my curly hair to air dry when I want to straighten it but not willing to blow dry it first to avoid the additional heat…the process can sometimes look a mess; frizzy hair and cracked eggs everywhere, if you feel me but the end result will be worth it.  So yeah we all have a process to go through and depending what your journey looks like and God’s plan for your life, yours may be long or short but don’t ever give up on yourself and don’t ever stop learning how to enjoy the journey because there is so much to experience in the midst of it!  Soon and very soon your “cake” will be done and all will get to see how beautiful it came out and some will even get to have a taste and enjoy the work that went into it’s process….in the meantime keep going and remember we all have a process!

I have much more to share with you but I have to flow at my own pace at this time….Miss you & blessings to you all… for those of you who are still here with me thanks for staying love you!

Peace and love, Limarie


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Finding My Voice…



I love to do spoken word and express my written emotions but for a long time, all my life really, I have wanted to be able to sing.  Now I know singing is a funny thing because you can immediately hear when a person is off tune or can’t carry a note etc.  So you can imagine the crippling fear I would feel come over me anytime I was in a position to actually be really heard trying to sing, like choir or  while doing karaoke as my little sister loves to do…(but then again she can really saang).  Plus I was told for a long time that I couldn’t sing and that my voice was horrible for singing lol (I know bad right? but I always had somewhat accepted it). So I am calling this blog entry “finding my voice” because lately God has just really been filling my heart with songs of love and praise and since they come as I am inspired I have to record a voice note on my phone to remember the words and tune that fall in my spirit.

Inspiration Word

So there I was yesterday on my break heading to the park on a really beautiful 85 degree sunny day and I was just filled with so much gratitude for my life and where I am in life right now.  The breeze flowing, birds chirping and people laying out on the grass and sitting in benches all seemed so peaceful and a song dropped right in my heart, so I pulled out my phone and walked towards my favorite writing spot.  I sang the song slowly and intentionally into my phone and as soon as I finished recording it I felt really good about it.  Now I know I was cracking and totally off tune while I recorded the song but what mattered to me most were the words which started off like this… “Lord you give me everything”.  Since I was sitting inside this beautiful gazebo in the park which I like to call my poetry spot I felt comfortable and so peaceful inside surrounded by so many flowers, shade and beauty, it was  nice.  As I played back the song to hear what I had sung I felt great peace knowing it was original, mines and totally inspired by God and his goodness and I wanted to share it for feedback.  You know when you do something you are proud of you want to share it, lol!  I was hesitant at first to share but then stepped on fear and decided to share it with a friend from my church who is the choir director, unashamed of the fact that I wasn’t belting out the words like some of my favorite singers although in my mind I wish I could.  I had recorded songs before on my phone but never really shared with many and especially not this person so it was a little nerve-wrecking, still I sent it.  What happened?  Well late last night I received a voice note back with my song being sung back ever so beautifully and it felt like a really cool lesson on how to carry the notes the way I really wanted to for this inspired song and a message saying “I love it!”  I was even told that we may be singing it in church Sunday which blew my mind…my little song inspired someone else to sing it and want to share it with others, how sweet is that?  Anyways I just wanted to share that with you today….  I thought I had found my voice through poetry, writing & blogging in so many ways but now I am finding it through singing as well and to me that is so liberating!


Trust me I won’t be going to any singing competitions or anything like that lol but now I am learning to really let go of some of that fear to sing out and find my own tune, my own melody and eventually mesh this with my spoken word which I have always wanted to do actually and will be doing once I continue finding my voice.

Hopefully this story inspires you in some way!

Peace & Love,


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What is one thing you have always wanted to do but maybe have felt scared or embarrassed to do?  Please share below I would love to read your comments! 🙂




Peace & ❤ !

Contest Update…

Hi everyone!!! First off I just wanted to come on here to say  …


to everyone who voted for me, tried to vote for me, shared to their Facebooks & Twitters, WordPress, Instagram etc.  Truly I am blessed to be connected to you in some way, sending you hugs and lots of love, mwaaah!  Thank you for believing in me, rooting for me and voting for me.  I’m waiting for the final results of the contest but will keep you posted!



Peace & Love,


Trying to Win …

Joined a contest last minute

Was told to not even try535936_10205374775626738_667642953076502950_n

Truth be told I don’t like contests, that’s the reason why

I don’t like pressure, I like to flow with ease and just be me

But sometimes you have to push a little harder to try to reach your dreams

So I ask you all to help me win

Cause I am working really hard this time

To get something I’ve never had, it takes a change of mind

So here’s the link please cast your vote it means a lot to me

Today’s the last day, like I said and I can still win this thing

2016 @Poetikmind


I’m at 100 so far….

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image Credit:  Hercules W Jones – Vision1Studios

Please vote for me! 2 days left

Some of you have been following my blog for a while and some of you are new. Thank you! I have decided to step out on faith today and join the #everyBODY contest. This contest will help to get me a cover page on Plus Model Magazine with another model, win $1000 worth of clothes, a mini makeover and a 3 night stay in NY at a 4 star hotel.  Sounds good right? I really want to win! I don’t like contests though and I really don’t like asking people for votes because I know it can sometimes be annoying but well here I am asking you for your kind vote. Help me to make this happen! I only have 2 days left, I decided late to go for it and there are many others with more votes before me now but anything is possible and you never know if you don’t try!

Hope if anything that this inspires you in some way!

Below is the link to vote for me and again thank you in advance for being such an amazing community of inspirational writers and poets! Xoxox!


Vote for Limarie Here Thank UUU!

Eyes Hazel-Eyes.jpgEyes are beautiful both young and old,

When light shines into them, it’s like peeking into the windows of the soul

So much beauty, mystery and universal majesty

A total reflection of being created in the image of a King

2016 Poetikmind



This poem was my inspired reaction to the following post:

Elysian Eyes – An Extemporized Blog


No Copyright Infringement Intended:  Original Work from from

Compliments & Confidence

I was just thinking about the importance of compliments; they hold a certain kind of POWER if you ask me.  I think it is safe to assume that while growing up we all have been met with at least one compliment:  “Nice hair, cute smile, love your voice etc.”


Everyone wants to feel loved and compliments are so amazing with boosting ones self-esteem and are just encouraging and motivating to others!  Those “Like” buttons here and on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube as well as other social network places help many who have not been as confident to continue being who they are because somewhere there is a community of people who will appreciate and like what you share or even how you look, whatever the case may be.  We all know that compliments feel really good.  However, what happens when you share a part of yourself with others, or you get a new haircut or create a new piece of art or try a new outfit or gain or lose weight or…(insert here) and you don’t receive any compliments or worse, instead receive criticism?  What happens to you on those days when you feel like you really need one?


Do we stop what we love doing?  Should we dress for someone else? Should we stop creating? Do we take that picture or post down?  Do we stop being ourselves?


It all comes down to self-confidence!

According to Confidence is defined as the following:

  • Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or
  • belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance

You have to keep loving yourself and believing in yourself even if you feel like no one else does.  You have to keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself and realize that you are amazing and that you can make it and that your thoughts and art and whatever else is valued and loved, even if it is just by you…there is POWER in that.  Self-confidence for many is a life long journey; it definitely is for me and I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way and continue to do so. god-master-piece1 You have to love yourself every step of the way.  I like to remind myself that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” (taken from Psalm 139:14) so my confidence comes from believing God’s word but so are you!


There will always be someone who’s not feeling you for whatever reason but as long as you feel good about you that is really what matters the most.  Your THOUGHTS are af30281599d58075fa30b058b8ebc047POWERFUL!  So today give yourself a compliment that you never received before or maybe have wanted to hear and keep shining!




Peace & ❤


Unbalanced Apologies

I apologize for not staying consistent in my care of you

Overindulging in sweets during THAT time or at times of stress

Going to sleep super late knowing I needed the rest

I know…ambitiousalipin

I can be so selfish sometimes

Kneeling down to pray with just one cushion under my knees

When I probably should have laid down five so you could be more comfy

I know…

I always think of it a minute too late

I apologize for putting your heart through it in times of mental anguish and pain

Tired of wishing and hoping that things would positively change

Meanwhile I work you out, feed you healthy eats

Trying to be balanced… wait did I forget to put lotion on my feet?

Throwing you in a messy bun and not detangling as often as I should

I apologize if you thought I really didn’t love you, curly hair often gets misunderstood

I apologize for letting it burn

Those times when I was sad or anxious and my stomach churned

I know you tried to warn me to be calm but I wasn’t concerned

Sorry for oversleeping then getting mad at you when the alarm went off at 6

Sorry for all the times I told you I was sick of you getting sick

I’m sorry for stressing you out when I got another negative pregnancy test

Sorry for the times that I allowed you to settle for less

Sorry for being too real and exposing my insecurities sometimes

Sorry, but you know this is part of my make up as poetikmind

Sorry about the nights I forgot to floss, or do a facial mask

But I’ve been so focused on building the internal me cause that’s what’s gonna last

I love you so much though and I do promise to take better care of you

Sorry if all of these inconsistencies make you believe this is untrue

@Poetikmind 2016

*This is my response to a challenge to write about an “Apology” in a creative way and this is what was birthed. #selflove journey #balance ❤ APOLOGY

*Image Credit:   Pintrest/AmbitiousAli -No Copyright Infringement Intended

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