Peeling back the layers that I have built up through all the years

Not realizing that with each painful peel there is more and more joy to be revealed

Joy that dwells within my heart that is just waiting to bubble over

The seasons of my waiting in bitterness is over

I said the season of my waiting in bitterness is over

Season. Waiting. Bitterness. Over.

I stand tall in my spirit as I bend over and pour the last of my tears

The tears of doubt, shame, unbelief and fear

I pour it out to make room for that something new

I needed this release so you can once again make me full

Tear drops stored away in bottles ready to be poured out

As a refreshing ointment that heals a cut inside of a dry mouth

Onto my back as I leaned bent over with not a tear drop left

I poured it out, laid it before God and He gave my soul rest

His love so unexplainable, restoring me to where I was always destined to be

But I couldn’t be here without completing the cycle of waiting He had for me



Poetry by Limarie~Poetikmind