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Verbal Penetration

come away


Come away with me

I need some mental stimulation

Let me fix my eyes upon your eyes

and let these vibes start up the conversation

I want to dive into the waves of your words

yes, verbal penetration

and float atop the rhythm of your speech

with feelings of exhilaration

2016 @Poetikmind




She’s been putting in the work

Evening calls and note taking

Through sickness and rain praying and worshipping

Holding onto hope in many fragmented spaces

All connecting to one source but not focusing on men’s faces

Speaking up bravely as she is being led

Forgetting all the insecurities that were once in her head

Standing tall, feeling good seeing the impossibilities made possible

She’s been putting in the work and though not easy, she now feels unstoppable

2016 Poetikmind




2016 Poetikmind

Tagged in a writing challenge for IG by my dear friend e at Authenticitee Speaks and I wanted to share here too 😉

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Women United!

Hello everyone!

This weekend I participated in a group photo shoot with some really great women for a really important cause, WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT!  As you may already know from my 1st ever Curvy Confidence shoot for Daily Venus Diva Magazine, women’s empowerment is very near and dear to me, so being a part of this project meant so much to me.  The shoot took place at Penn’s Landing in Olde City Philadelphia and I’m excited to share with you some behind the scenes shots and a spur of the moment mini  interview with Brittany Miller, founder of the #BeWomenMovement & #Nuffsaidproject.   Check out the brief video below for more about Brittany and the purpose of this movement and please stop by for more details, inspiration and model interviews coming soon!

Remember that YOU are capable of making positive change!

Peace & Love,


Special Thanks to Brittany Miller & everyone who was a part of this fun shoot!

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Mini Interview w/Brittany Miller Founder of #BeWomenMovement


Check out Let’s Be Women at:


rainI just wanna flow

Leave it all on paper

No more need to catch the vapors

The tears poured out and were placed in bottles of love

Soon a refreshing spill will flow over my head from above

I can almost feel it

I just wanna flow

Like giant rain drops on my head coming down nice and slow

I want to feel the rain

Maybe cause I feel numb to the pain

Or maybe cause there is no more left to feel

I just wanna flow, let my thoughts take me on a magic carpet ride for real

Cause sometimes letting it all go is the best thing you can do

Flowin with the wind, sometimes you have to let go and let God to really find what’s best for you….

2016 Poetikmind


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A Sunflower’s Example

sunflowerselfieI love sunflowers!  Not only because they are so bright and beautiful but because they really set an excellent example for me about how I should live my best life…with my eyes on the SON.

Just like the sunflower raises its precious, seed filled head to the sky meeting the sun every morning and following its movement  as the sun goes down, I too realize that if I keep my eyes on Jesus (son) all of my needs will be met and everything is going to be alright.


Sometimes all you have to do is lift up your head and feel the warm sun kiss your face to know that whatever storm life has handed you, “this too shall pass”.  In order to grow you have to go through some dark and seemingly lonely times…just as a seed does when it is buried in the ground and has to die.  There will be times where just the lack of movement in your life or having to be patient in waiting may feel like you are dying but as conditions and seasons change, you will be able to see just how much you have actually been growing.  I think I see some little buds here and there yall! 😉


Here are some beautiful sunflower quotes I found online today but my favorite one is the last one I’ll post!  Peace, Love & Blessings to you all!  xox! ~Limarie



  Psalm 121: 1-2

121 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Spray Tans, Freckles & Backhanded Compliments


In front of the big mirror in the ladies room she stands applying mascara and fluffing her big hair

Beside her a woman who works in the same building glances quickly, making sure not to stare

Oh hi she says, I see you got a nice tan

Yes she says I don’t play with the sun, I can’t

It’s a spray tan it was like 5 minutes to apply

Oh I had a spray tan before, even though I have brown skin I gave it a try

It made me orange the first day but the next day I got a nice tropical glow,

I try not to play too much with the sun either cause I get more and more freckles that are okay with me but sometimes won’t go

I don’t have any freckles on me she says, not even one but I like freckles they can be fun

I like them on Irish people though…


Welp gotta go back to work have a good day

I could have easily been just as rude about the tan that she had sprayed….

~Poetikmind 2016


While looking for some pics for this post I stumbled across some pretty cool illustrations from artist Vanessa Papastavros who has created some comebacks to some common backhanded compliments.  Though I think many of us have experienced them in some way shape or form in life, it is my hope that women especially learn how to be kinder to one another and unafraid to give real compliments and show love.  Sometimes backhanded compliments can turn into bullying so these comebacks are pretty quick to nip that in the bud .  Not everything needs a response, as we get older we learn this but it is always nicer to not say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say at all.  Hope you enjoy these!  Check out Papastavros’ work on her Tumblr page and, in the meantime, here are six quick responses to backhanded compliments:


Peace & Love,




One thing that is inevitable is change.  Change occurs in our lives every morning we wake up; whether it is less hair strands on our heads, new perspective, new mercies, new attitudes, change comes.  Sometimes we don’t want it to happen though; many of us fear change in our lives but change is good thing.  Change allows us to keep moving forward in the direction of growth; even negative changes have a way of propelling us more and more into our purpose.  Seasons come and go, when the leaves are dying in the fall time they are most beautiful as their colors change but the one thing we often forget is that they are dying. In the spring everything begins to bloom again and suddenly the newness of life begins its wonderful celebration but like its splendor, this is all seasonal.


We too are like those seasons, ever changing.  There will be times of sunshine and happiness and times of darkness and rain but nevertheless the changes serve to make us greater than what we once were…wiser, better, stronger.  So today it is with a renewed mind and with renewed strength that I embrace change more than ever before for I am changing and I know the best is yet to come!  I am thankful to God for those seasons of rain and downpour because I now appreciate the sun so much more and see some little buds sprouting up!


Sending you love today!




“Accept the changes in your life with a renewed attitude, welcome them and allow the growth that will be coming after the rain.”  Poetikmind




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