I apologize for not staying consistent in my care of you

Overindulging in sweets during THAT time or at times of stress

Going to sleep super late knowing I needed the rest

I know…ambitiousalipin

I can be so selfish sometimes

Kneeling down to pray with just one cushion under my knees

When I probably should have laid down five so you could be more comfy

I know…

I always think of it a minute too late

I apologize for putting your heart through it in times of mental anguish and pain

Tired of wishing and hoping that things would positively change

Meanwhile I work you out, feed you healthy eats

Trying to be balanced… wait did I forget to put lotion on my feet?

Throwing you in a messy bun and not detangling as often as I should

I apologize if you thought I really didn’t love you, curly hair often gets misunderstood

I apologize for letting it burn

Those times when I was sad or anxious and my stomach churned

I know you tried to warn me to be calm but I wasn’t concerned

Sorry for oversleeping then getting mad at you when the alarm went off at 6

Sorry for all the times I told you I was sick of you getting sick

I’m sorry for stressing you out when I got another negative pregnancy test

Sorry for the times that I allowed you to settle for less

Sorry for being too real and exposing my insecurities sometimes

Sorry, but you know this is part of my make up as poetikmind

Sorry about the nights I forgot to floss, or do a facial mask

But I’ve been so focused on building the internal me cause that’s what’s gonna last

I love you so much though and I do promise to take better care of you

Sorry if all of these inconsistencies make you believe this is untrue

@Poetikmind 2016

*This is my response to a challenge to write about an “Apology” in a creative way and this is what was birthed. #selflove journey #balance ❤ APOLOGY

*Image Credit:   Pintrest/AmbitiousAli -No Copyright Infringement Intended