Welcome to my blog!  The other day I posted on FB that I am ready now to focus on getting fit again since I fell off towards the end of 2014.  I know that loosing weight and getting fit is a whole lifestyle change and I am willing to get focused again and have fun doing it!  Posting my decision to start working on these goals on FB was a BIG accountability move for me but almost immediately I began receiving support from friends & family on FB who were already on their own health and fitness journey or like me desiring to start one again.

I just want to say THANK YOU that really helped me!

I woke up  at almost 4 am the other day with the desire to create this blog to help me get motivated and stay motivated this time around.  As I wrote down my ideas I couldn’t help but to become energized and inspired to really set the wheels in motion to get this thing popping.  I want everything that I post to really reflect my reality at the moment, that includes highs and lows of this journey but only to keep it real and still work towards turning it around.  I hope to share with you some of my workouts, some videos, tips and tricks I’ve learned and will learn and even some of my meal choices but not just me, YOU.  There are a lot of you that inspire me just by sharing your health and fitness journeys with me personally & on FB and Instagram and I want to highlight and share some of your stories here too.

I know your stories will not only continue to inspire me but also others who come across this blog. I haven’t “officially” started yet (unless you count two 20 second planks from the morning I started this post as something)…hey I think I will 😉  but as soon as I start I will be posting pics and sharing a little more in hopes that this will help me to stay motivated.  I’ve had two accountability partners for about 2-1/2 years now and it really helped me a lot but when I fell off it became harder to get back up, if you have ever been there you know what that feels like.  It truly  takes a made up mind and some movement to get things started and since I’ve been here before this is my new approach to help aid me commit, endure and succeed.  If you have already started, I am proud of you keep it up!  If you are like me right now, ready to start or restart this journey then I just want to say I am even more proud of you because I believe that this the hardest part so we are now on our way!!

I hope that you would follow me on this journey and feel free to share some of your stories and tips/tricks with me….right now I really need them!  xoxo!

If you would like to be featured please e-mail me at iamcurvyconfidence@gmail.com

Talk to you soon! 😉