In front of the big mirror in the ladies room she stands applying mascara and fluffing her big hair

Beside her a woman who works in the same building glances quickly, making sure not to stare

Oh hi she says, I see you got a nice tan

Yes she says I don’t play with the sun, I can’t

It’s a spray tan it was like 5 minutes to apply

Oh I had a spray tan before, even though I have brown skin I gave it a try

It made me orange the first day but the next day I got a nice tropical glow,

I try not to play too much with the sun either cause I get more and more freckles that are okay with me but sometimes won’t go

I don’t have any freckles on me she says, not even one but I like freckles they can be fun

I like them on Irish people though…


Welp gotta go back to work have a good day

I could have easily been just as rude about the tan that she had sprayed….

~Poetikmind 2016


While looking for some pics for this post I stumbled across some pretty cool illustrations from artist Vanessa Papastavros who has created some comebacks to some common backhanded compliments.  Though I think many of us have experienced them in some way shape or form in life, it is my hope that women especially learn how to be kinder to one another and unafraid to give real compliments and show love.  Sometimes backhanded compliments can turn into bullying so these comebacks are pretty quick to nip that in the bud .  Not everything needs a response, as we get older we learn this but it is always nicer to not say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say at all.  Hope you enjoy these!  Check out Papastavros’ work on her Tumblr page and, in the meantime, here are six quick responses to backhanded compliments:


Peace & Love,