One thing that is inevitable is change.  Change occurs in our lives every morning we wake up; whether it is less hair strands on our heads, new perspective, new mercies, new attitudes, change comes.  Sometimes we don’t want it to happen though; many of us fear change in our lives but change is good thing.  Change allows us to keep moving forward in the direction of growth; even negative changes have a way of propelling us more and more into our purpose.  Seasons come and go, when the leaves are dying in the fall time they are most beautiful as their colors change but the one thing we often forget is that they are dying. In the spring everything begins to bloom again and suddenly the newness of life begins its wonderful celebration but like its splendor, this is all seasonal.


We too are like those seasons, ever changing.  There will be times of sunshine and happiness and times of darkness and rain but nevertheless the changes serve to make us greater than what we once were…wiser, better, stronger.  So today it is with a renewed mind and with renewed strength that I embrace change more than ever before for I am changing and I know the best is yet to come!  I am thankful to God for those seasons of rain and downpour because I now appreciate the sun so much more and see some little buds sprouting up!


Sending you love today!




“Accept the changes in your life with a renewed attitude, welcome them and allow the growth that will be coming after the rain.”  Poetikmind