Skin not as young as it used to be

Raised freckles I see you…

Seems like sometimes you’re mocking me

Raised freckles I see you….

In a world obsessed with flawless skin, highlighted cheekbones, plump lips and fleeky brows…

Curvy bodies, snatched waists, round booties… “hey can you see me now?”

I see you…

I see you creeping through my CC cream and sometimes foundation application

Sometimes I wish you would go on a permanent vacation

But you are a part of me, and a part that all the world can easily see so what good would it be for me to not embrace another thing that makes me, me?

If there is something you want to change about how you look that too is okay but make sure you don’t let social media get in the way…

Don’t let what’s “trending” be what sways you to do what you do because trends come and go but you still have to love you.


#FrecklesAreTrending #LoveYourFreckles #RaisedFreckles #LovetheSkinUrIn