Good morning! I just want to say that I feel so good right now!  Wow!  WHY!?  Well because I finally got some clarity on some things that have been going on spiritually for me that I couldn’t understand before.  Last night I had bible study over the phone with some members from my church and we began to dive deep into the word of God.  Now I know we all don’t have the same beliefs and I respect that but have you ever just felt so confounded about a situation in your mind that seemed to keep cycling and it felt like you just couldn’t figure out what was going on or why?


I am one of those people that believe that everything happens for a reason even if that reason is oh it’s just a life occurrence, lol but I also love to observe things and really see the patterns in certain situations because I desire to learn as much as possible.  I am fascinated by life and how mysteriously God moves in my life and in the lives of others but sometimes (and I think we all experience this) sometimes we get to a place where you can’t help but to wonder what God is up to….what is the purpose behind this or that, you feel me?  What lesson am I supposed to learn or why is this happening and while we may not always find those answers right away or even at all when we do, it feels like the most amazing thing in this world because you know for yourself the POWER that is in that thing and that to me was what was revealed to me through the word of God last night!  I’m excited and thankful for this one spiritual confirmation that I received and the direction for my life that came with it.  Welp today that’s what I wanted to share 😉 Love yall!


“Revelation brings about movement.” Poetikmind

Hoping your day is blessed!  Peace!