Before I get lost on a mission to find the perfect picture that represents the thought in my mind this morning I have decided to just write from the heart.

The message:  REBUILDING!



I guess with Spring around the corner the feeling of newness or wanting to rebuild is inevitable but as for me, I feel like I have been working on rebuilding for a long time now.  This rebuilding has been within.  Originally starting this blog with the intention of getting physically fit with a focus on mind, body, soul balance I realized more and more that I was fighting a never ending battle with myself.  Sure I was very good at encouraging others and speaking life into their situations, as a matter of fact I did it so often to myself it was one of the things that helped me keep pushing on this journey of rebuilding from withing BUT I still needed more.

The old challenges that would come to buffer me me would could spring forward here and there and even when I would push there would be times I would just give up altogether.  At first it would seem like I was taking a break, then all of the sudden the break would take me into another level of of laziness and then by the time I knew it what I had built was no longer a solid foundation for me to continue to keep building.  The only thing that has kept me on my journey in this life to becoming my best self is knowing that God loves me and wants the best for me, His word is truly what gives me strength and hope.  I know that there is nothing impossible with Him and so I have no problem right now being as real I can be with self to say “I’m Rebuilding!”


It feels good to know that during the downtimes I was able to remove a lot of the clutter out of the way, that old debri blocking my clear thinking; it is an everyday process though.  God has been weeding through so much for me during this time that for a minute I felt like I would never come back to my beloved blog.  I missed you all and most of all I missed writing and sharing here.  From now on I will just be posting whatever I feel in my heart…and hey if that in some way inspires you then I will be happy in knowing that one of the things I feel so passionate in this life about is actually creating something good.


Peace & Blessings