Close to my heart and so verymuch on point…tread lightly in love ❤ #mybody

Curves a la Mode

Don’t be selfish.

You will regret it.

What are you waiting for?

You don’t know real love yet.

These are all words that have been said to me at one point or another when the topic of having children comes up. For some reason people feel that the topic of pregnancy is always open and up for discussion– I wish someone would’ve told me my ovaries were on the docket for this month’s town hall meeting.

Most of the time the comments and unsolicited life advice gets a little annoying and it’s not only women. You’d be surprised to know that even men have thrown their two cents in. I think deep down they feel that they are defending the honor of my husband. I mean, what man would not want to have his seed sprinkled in this world? Yes, someone actually…

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