I love Lane Bryant’s #PlusisEqual campaign!  If you haven’t heard anything about it I will insert some video and images below.

On Monday Lane Bryant celebrated full-figured women everywhere by taking their #PlusisEqual campaign to the streets in Times square NYC.  Although I was unable to attend, seeing the thousands of images posted on social networks of women coming together to rally for size equality was absolutely inspiring!

For years the plus size community has been speaking up and speaking out about being included in mainstream fashion and slowly but surely it is happening.  We are no longer limited to one or two stores in the mall to find stylish, flattering clothing but more and more we are seeing designers step out of the box to include the plus size woman and I am excited!  God knows I remember the days when I would have to walk all the way to the back of a store to unhappily skim through 1-2 racks of unattractive, unflattering plus sized clothing…now there are maybe 6 racks and they are way more flattering and stylish so we are seeing some progress but Lane Bryant’s #PlusisEqual campaign is calling for MORE!

I remember all the way back to the 8th grade when I could no longer fit the junior misses section and had to go on a scavenger hunt for cute clothes that fit my growing body.  I was one of the tallest girls in my class (other than my  bestie Wandy) at the time but she was much smaller than me and seemingly had no problems finding the cutest outfits to wear.  As a teen I wanted to feel included in fashion and not having many options added to the growing insecurities that teenagers face when everything starts changing in their lives.  This is just a mini trip down memory lane to emphasize one of the reasons why I love this campaign so much!

“Size shouldn’t matter when you’re talking about a woman who just wants to be fashionable.” —  Ashley Graham

Though I have always loved modeling growing up I gave up on that dream because we were always told you had to be super skinny and I never knew there were opportunities for plus.  It wasn’t until one day I was looking to revamp my wardrobe (at my heaviest size) that I began online shopping for plus and became immediately inspired by the beautiful models that were being used.  I remember feeling like my dreams were once again possible, that I could actually give it a try and not fear the fact that I wasn’t skinny.  It is amazing how inspirational a photo, an outfit, a movement can be; I totally believe these things are changing young girls & women’s lives for the better!

Let’s continue to promote the brands that love our curves, the magazines, models, designers & bloggers!!  You are beautiful inside out and it shows!

Yes, #Plus is Equal….we really shouldn’t even have to fight so hard to be included, it should be automatic but I’m glad Lane Bryant is making some noise & backing it up! It’s time plus size fashion gets the attention it deserves.  It’s time to REPRESENT!


Till next time loves!



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1st video from:  Lane Bryant

2nd video created by: Curvy Model Jewels Hay