Underneath the sky in the park where the trees’ branches kiss, sway and make love to the move of the breeze…

I find my inner peace.

Connected to the earth like the sounds of sweet wind that gently caresses my face and pushes back layers of curly hair into the air…

No gravity.

Here is where I feel weightless and uplifted with ear buds in my ears so no one could even think of disturbing this peace that only comes from these trees, this breeze, this flow of energy, this escape, this connection and this love.

God you are awesome in creating all of this…

Just a few minutes ago rain swept the area and caused me to walk away swiftly only yearning to return and I did.

This is the place I long to be right now underneath the sky and the trees where the branches of different trees touch ever so gently to create a beautiful umbrella from the hot sun and homes for your glorious creatures that exist right above my head… chirping and crawling living and thriving in all this abundance you have given.

Underneath the lovemaking trees…

I feel your gentle breeze.
Reminding me that you have already supplied me with all my needs and that I am totally free to live and thrive as I please.

You have given this all to me.

And I too will praise you in my own way with my own voice just as these birds and crickets make sounds of glory for we were created so magnificently so preciously hand crafted by you.
I am blessed.
Life is abundant.

#underneaththesky #poetikmind