These words are to self, cause baby you’ve come a LOOONG way!

Many insecurities you had to toss out and struggles you had to overcome just to make it through some days.

Dreams kept you longing, but circumstances played their games…

People even tried to block you as if that shade could ever stop the penetration of His son’s rays.

Hope and courage stirred inside the very being of your soul…

Somehow you learned to manage even when things felt out of control.

Beautiful woman within why couldn’t you always see that reflection that called to you from the inside?

Keep on going baby!  Go reclaim what is mines!

“And sometimes you just have to do what u love regardless and live … Move, breathe, love & grow….” ‪#‎poetikmindthoughts‬ ‪#‎bts‬ ‪#‎bridal‬