hopefulpoetInsanely Hopeful

Even when there is a sign that goes against all odds

I am insanely hopeful

Trying to not process the bit of info I have received

I stay hopeful

Even as I type these words and in my body I somewhat yearn

I am hope – FULL

OOO I hope that I am not too over the top with it!

I been here before many of times

I know what it feels like to be smacked back into reality

No, not now baby girl but in time you will receive your BABY girl…

Wow, would I have a girl or a boy first?

Do I care?


Did I just ask myself that?




Insanely hopeful I speak honest words from my soul to God

Sometimes jokingly I say “here we go again with this,” as I sigh


I can’t help but to wait in anticipation for my great surprise, my gift

My faith tells me it won’t be long now, even though human nature reminds me it has been years since I first desired her

Which then turned to he

And then turned  to two or wow maybe three

Which then changed to “as long as the baby is healthy”

And now into insanely hopeful

Your will for me is what will be

And even though she already lives in me

My faith says keep living till my baby is conceived

~2015 Poetikmind

*I am becoming more and more comfortable with sharing my fertility/faith poetry online.  My journey is not always easy for everyone to understand; the feelings, emotions and hope that lives in me but I share it to release what I have been given and it blesses my soul to express this way.  I only hope my release helps someone else who can relate or can gain something from it.  I am thankful to God to be able to share now.*

Peace ❤ & Blessings!