fasttrainThis morning while waiting for my train I was scrolling through my pics on my phone and found this one which I thought was cute so I saved it to post on another day (Any of you do that? 😉 LOL!) .  Well today the thought hit me, “The fast train to Dreams/Success.”  Have you ever wanted to be on the “fast train” towards your dreams or just gain success in whatever you do like overnight?  I know I have!  Originally I posted this pic to IG with some deep thoughts on that topic but since it didn’t record my thoughts I decided to pick it up here on my blog.

You see I am not writing to you from my dream job right now.  I am sitting at my desk here at a job I’ve been at for almost 12 years.  I am pretty much a pro at what I do here and am always willing to learn more but it is not my DREAM.  I am blessed to have this job and thankful for it but I also have a longing desire to do more, live more.  At this point in my life I just want to fully walk in my purpose, living my dream each day.

While I wait for my “fast train” to arrive, I work behind the scenes of my life.  I work towards feeding myself the things I need to prepare myself for when I get there.  Preparation is key when in expectation; just think about how a pregnant woman prepares her body and home before giving birth to her baby.  She takes vitamins, changes her eating habits, picks a name, sees her doctor more to keep track of its health and growth and waits in faith.  True, I have not had my own baby yet, but on my life journey God has always given me many pregnancy examples that in their own way remind me to keep a similar spirit of expectancy alive.  I have learned many lessons and am still learning but I have not and will not give up on what I know is mines, you shouldn’t either!


If you haven’t given up on your dream, you are part of the “Guess Who’s Expecting?” Club!  sticker,375x360 🙂

Now let’s talk about the “fast train” for a minute!  What I keep referring to as the “fast train” is the vehicle that will take you quickly to the destination you have been waiting to reach.  But before getting on we have to know the following:

  1. What direction are you going?
  2. Where do you hope to arrive?
  3. Why do you want to arrive at this destination?
  4. What do you hope to do when you get to the desired stop?
  5. Will you be catching another “connecting train” (more than one goal or dream) or is this your final stop?
  6. Is your mind, body & soul ready for the “weather” (unforseen changes) while you wait?
  7. Are you carrying too much “baggage” (things/people/attitudes that may weigh you down)?
  8. Did you buy your “ticket” (do you know the overall COST of your dream, not just in $$$)?
  9. Are you patient enough to wait & what will you do while you wait for it? (Being grateful for now and preparing for later helps.)
  10. Are you willing to grow and be led right to your final stop?

Whenever you feel like giving up remember that there are many people who have gotten on their “fast train” to their dreams and have become successful at reaching their goals and they are no different than YOU.  Some of the realest and most inspirational ones have been those who have had to wait, had to struggle, had to change, had to be broke for a season but still believed and knew in their heart that it would come to pass one day if they didn’t give up.  The “fast train” may feel like forever to come, but the wait time is everything that helps prepare you for where you are going!

* See you on the platform 😉

Peace & God Bless!