Last night I had a dream.  I went to bed filled with dreams and peace and that was invaded with a nightmare.  As the worst part of the nightmare hit my mental reality I remember feeling helpless as my screams for help were silent.  No words came out of my mouth.  I saw people nearby that could help but they could only view the situation and my reaction.  I turned to God, screaming for help and awoke in tears.  It took me a while to shake this nightmare though I was now awake and aware of my real reality….it wasn’t real.


Thank God it wasn’t real.

This morning I can’t help but to think about the POWER of fear.  I have written about fear before many times in the past but its common acronym F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real came back around and inspired this post.  The nightmare I had was very much real in my mind, but the reaction reminded me of how helpless one can feel and become when fear rules their world.  For that moment in my dream I was reminded that fear was ruling my world because I had no power, I had no voice and I could barely move nor reach out for help the way I wanted.   Fear can be crippling.  Sometimes I feel like we forget to share our fears with others, and even God.  In sharing our fears we find the thing that connects us even more as people with real life experiences, desires, doubts, dreams, goals etc.  Truth is that everything isn’t for everybody….trust is very much a strong key to sharing fears but the more I learn to put my trust in God, the stronger I feel in faith that He’s got me.


Without words, my heart screamed out for help.  People saw the situation but only God answered the call.

That nightmare… it wasn’t real.

And my voice will be heard.

Peace & Love