As women we have all been there!  We can be our worst critics when it comes to our bodies and no matter what quote or inspirational photo we may come across there are still those days when we may feel like we are “waiting” to love our bodies.   What do you mean by all this, you ask?  What are we waiting for?  Is it validation from others, or is it something different?   We scroll through Instagram feeds, Facebook posts, Tumblr pics, fashion websites and Google images only to see that we are being fed an idea of what a “beautiful” body should look like.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

The thought or notion that I have to have curvier hips and a flatter tummy to love myself  is never going to help me love my body just as it is now, beautiful in all of its perceived imperfections.


I’ve often struggled with that idea of beauty myself, and in all honesty sometimes I have to catch myself when I start thinking negatively.   Whenever I feel this way I remind myself that these extra pounds I put on emotionally eating served its purpose at the time when I was going through a difficult time in my life.  I am so thankful for this body, for it has experienced so many beautiful and not so beautiful experiences in my life and it is strong.

Yep, I bought the waist trainer, the yoga mat, the gym membership and yes I have lost and gained weight many times before but the journey to physical fitness and overall good health has nothing to do with “waiting to love your body when it’s…(you fill in the  blank here).”  We have to love ourselves now because this is the very moment we are in, sometimes it’s not easy.  Truth be told, self-confidence and developing good self-esteem is really an everyday process because it’s not every day that we look or feel like a million bucks and hey that’s okay, please remember that it’s okay.  On the days when I feel crummy on the inside and catch myself falling into old behaviors and mind states, I choose to speak positive thoughts and life to myself.  I remind myself that I am blessed to have this body and thankful that I am working towards my overall health and fitness, even if it sometimes feels like the slowest process ever.  Sometimes I fall off and sometimes I’m all in but I’m learning the importance of overall self-love, consistency and balance.

It doesn’t come from validation, nor does it come from anything external, knowing this feels really good on the inside.

Right now is the only moment that you have.  Right now you are able to breathe and even read!  Your brain is sending tons of messages allowing you to blink, think, pump blood through your precious veins and no one is promised tomorrow!  Why not put on that swimsuit or outfit you’ve always wanted?  Why should you have to put your life on hold because you don’t feel like you have a “beach body?”  What is a “beach body” anyways?  Self-confidence must be built from within!  All of us come from a different place, and it’s true that everyone’s idea of “beautiful” is different but you know what really helps to boost your self-confidence?  It’s actually owning the skin you’re in and caring more about how you feel on the inside than what we are being bombarded with on T.V., magazines and social networks.  There is nothing wrong with working hard to lose weight or changing your body’s appearance and tone but self-improvement is so much more than what you look like on the outside, the real work starts within.  I hope that this post motivates or inspires you in some way, just writing it inspired me even more on my journey.  As I wrote this I thought about this cute swimsuit I’ve had my eye on and I can’t wait to finally get it and rock it confidently on the beach soon!  Remember  that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and don’t be afraid to work with what you got!  There is no one out here like you!  Please don’t wait to love yourself the way that you want to, go head honey rock it!


Peace & Love,