I was Nominated for the Creative Blogger Award! Yaaay 😉

Soooo I was actually nominated by The V-Pub  like two months ago and I meant to post it but got sidetracked and kept this as a draft and never completed it 😦 (sorry about that).

Then recently I was nominated by Shade But No Shade for the same award and so that really put a little fire under my butt to get this out!

First off I just want to shout out a big THANK YOU to V-Pub &  Shade But No Shade for nominating me for this award!  

Awwww yeahhhh! 🙂

I know that I still have much to learn here on wp but I am loving the freedom I have to blog and read some of your blogs as well and I am still catching up!

So here goes 5 RANDOM Facts about Me!

  1. Currently my hair is a bright blondish, orangy-ish color, big and curly…the lightest I’ve been in YEARS so I am getting used to it.
  2. I once ate a whole jar of olives when I was a kid and had to be rushed to the ER, talk about greedy LOL!
  3. I haven’t seen my real father since I was 4 and hope/plan to meet him this year in DR (more on this later).
  4. I love Youtube and have a channel that I will be uploading more videos to soon, check me out at thepoetikmind215 (shameless plug).
  5. I didn’t reach some of my goals for last month so I am starting this month off fresh with new mind, body & soul fitness goals, movement is life! Pray my strenfff! (yes strenff) 😉

I am nominating the following blogs with this award if you haven’t received the nomination already:

  1. Authenticitee
  2. Curves A La Mode
  3. Letter 2 Self
  4. 2Helpful Guys
  5. Life, She Wrote

    Rules for Creative Blogger Award:

    Post 5 random facts about ourselves and nominate others, pretty simple! Let’s go! Can’t wait to read what you share!