• Be True to Your self – you have to embrace who you are for YOUR self; all of your little quirks and weird ways, all of your strengths and weaknesses and everything that makes you so uniquely wonderful. Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself first, the right people will come into your life and grow in their own freedom because of it!
  • Never Compare – “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Everyone has their own journey; learn to celebrate when others are winning and use it as inspiration for your life.  You won’t always be on the sidelines and there are always lessons in victory to be learned along the way.


  • Trust God – Faith, Hope, Love & Trust all go hand in hand. God knew you before you were even formed in your mother’s womb and he knows all the steps you take…even when you change your direction, God knows.  Trust that God will always be by your side, never forgetting about you, orchestrating your life so perfectly that you learn how to worry less, grow in faith, hope & love, be strong and be unafraid to live your best life.
  • Walk in Your Purpose – the thing that you normally find yourself doing all the time, that thing that comes quite naturally to you or your passionate about….THAT is usually your purpose. It is up to you to cultivate that thing, plant your seeds of hope and water it with faith and love.  Mix it with anti-fear soil and watch it bloom into a dope path for you to walk in your purpose.

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  • Let Go! Let go of fear, limitations, self-doubt, negative relationships, habits and thinking.  Let go of anything that may hold you back and never be afraid to return to it if you desire to do so, sometimes letting go is only seasonal but you won’t know until you LET GO in faith that what is yours will never miss you!  The best thing to let go of is a closed mind and heart!


Peacepeace & God Bless!



Aaron Swan Photographer