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Curves a la Mode

This month’s Unconditional Body Beautiful is all about showing love to the center of your body– our fabulous belly.

Our belly is the core of our body. It keeps us centered. It’s our first connection to life. After all, it’s where our belly button lies and before we were individual beings on this planet, that button was our umbilical cord. That cord served as a bridge between us and our mothers. It was the connection that supplied us with nourishment for growth and development. So our bellies deserve a lot of love and adoration on our part.

My belly is my core. It centers me and it’s the place where my happiness begins its travel and erupts as laughter from my body.

And when I think belly-love, I think of belly dancing.

What’s belly dancing? Belly dancing (known in Arabic as Raqs Sharqi, or Eastern dance) is a Middle Eastern dance “with…

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