Hi everyone!  So I usually like to interview people who inspire and help motivate me on my fitness journey but today that person is me.  It feels good to be saying this especially since I was feeling pretty low that I wasn’t really applying myself in terms of working out until recently and I have been blogging for over a month here.  I saw this post on Instagram one day and truly it resonated with me:  “I am my motivation.”

imagesI took my behind to the gym and before heading there stopped at Dunkin Donuts, which happens to be in the same lot, for a bottle of water and ended up ordering a croissant…smh (great pre-workout snack eh?) lol.  Anyways, as I sat in the car I contemplated whether or not I was ready to go a little harder and workout around others again, I mean it has been a loooong time since I hit the gym ya know!?  It’s funny how you can want change sometimes but don’t want to work too hard towards building the new; I had to get out of my own comfort zone.

me-against-myselfThe first thing I hit was the treadmill for some cardio and also to see how much I could endure with simple walking and then on an incline at a faster pace.  I felt incredibly slow and sluggish but I pushed myself to walk a little faster and next thing you know the workout was complete and 30 minutes had passed.  I then headed over to the glute machine and did two reps of 25 with 50 lbs weights and that’s it, I was done..wohoo!  That evening I felt extremely motivated to get back to the gym to put in a little more work.  I took my friend & fellow blogger, Danie’s advice and laid my workout gear beside my bed so that I could jump right into it before even thinking of an excuse when I wakeup and headed straight to the gym before even going to church…aww yeah!   I felt good, energized and MOTIVATED.

motivation-is-what-gets-you-startedThat day I put in even more time on the treadmill and did more reps on the glute machine and even did a few reps on the seated leg press, well 2 reps of 50 with 50 lbs weights to be exact 😉  I felt so good to be pushing myself a little more.  The week got away from me so I was unable to hit the gym but this weekend I was back at it.  I didn’t want to start to fall back into my old ways…nah, I am working towards building the new.  I know I have been here before but my goal is to be in the best health of my life so this #mindbodysoulfitnessjourney is not an overnight thing but I am excited, noticing that each time I go I feel a little more energized and stronger than before and I’m proud of that.


Hoping that this is some way motivates you!  Are you motivated yet? 😉

peacePeace & Love,