authenticitee speaks

I’m sorryandI apologize

I wish we could start all over again

However one more word

Or subtle move
Would only worsen the condition
I’m sorryandI apologize
That my reaction to your reaction
Fueled our demise
I said and did too much
Though noneof it were lies
I just hate that it’s altered
Who I am
I mishandled a natural thing unnaturally
Like the right thing the wrong way
Where there was once nothing Between us but time and space
There’s now a wedge
And me trying to save face
I wish I could change
What you see
How you feel
What you think
About me
What you saw
What you felt
What you thought about me
About me
About me
It wasallabout me
Sothat’swhere I went wrong…
I didn’t realize I was being selfish
(Classic lyrics…

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