❤ This, if anyone needs a little encouragement today, read on.


So you want to help eh? Save the world? Rescue cats out of trees? Help the elderly cross the street? Change a stranger’s flat tire? Break up fights in bars? You just love helping people huh? Never ignoring a need, just jumping right on in there? From offering to clean the home of a neighbor who just had back surgery to offering to babysit for the single mom in your support group who works three jobs.

And what about you?

Are you taking care of you?

When an old friend found out a couple of months ago that I was wrapping up training to become a volunteer Suicide Crisis Counselor in addition to other recent changes in my already hectic schedule, he expressed great concern.

“Are you putting your mask on first?!

He travels extensively so I shouldn’t have been taken aback by his aviation analogy. “That’s…

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