Good Afternoon!

I’m feeling really great today because this Saturday I hit the gym for the first time in almost a whole year and followed up with a second visit early morning on Sun before the start of my day, for me THAT’S MOTIVATION in action!  You guys have been helping and inspiring me so much with your messages and interviews and I just want to say THANK YOU.  I love interviewing you and sharing your story!  This blog is only about a month old and I can say it is really a blessing to me because this is my new tool at getting fit and also inspiring you along the way.  Enough about me, check out my interview with Plus Model & Wellness Coach Rae Williams, EVERY TIME I see one of her posts I get pumped, read on & you will surely be inspired!!!!


1.) What started you on your health and fitness journey?

In 2012 I severely injured my back (pinched nerve), and I gained about 40 lbs and slowly just continued to creep up the scale. My journey started in October of 2014, when I was encouraged to join a weight loss challenge sponsored by Herbalife…I was tired of constant back pain and having to pass on certain opportunities because of the pain I would experience and part of me (just a small part) was curious of what my body could look like if I actually tried instead of just saying “I’m beautiful how I am”.

 2.)  What have you learned most about yourself and your body on this journey?
I’ve learned that everything physical is delegated by your mental. If you think you can’t go another 10 steps, you can’t but if you think you can you will! I put so much power in physical fatigue, that I didn’t push myself mentally. Being healthy and pushing the limits of my body, have in return granted me so much mental freedom and the confidence to feel like I can conquer every day no matter what lies ahead of me.
 3.) What keeps you motivated?
My motivation comes from a lot of different places. Prayer, my family, the others I’m helping along their journey. I know that in order to fulfill my purpose-I have to be healthy. I know that my family is looking at me to make the right healthy decisions since I started them on their journey. And I know that the people I’m coaching are watching my habits and tendencies as well. And not to mention my results…seeing results will make you a maniac lol, and I’m always trying to set new goals for myself each month to see what I can achieve next!
 4.) What is your ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal, is just to be healthy and toned. I would like to reduce my body fat percentage to under 25%, and be able to wear WHATEVER I want-and, like my favorite hashtag suggests; I want to be #teamnospanx ever!
 5.)  How often do you work out and what workouts do you love to do?
 I aim to workout 3-5 times a week. My favorite exercise is any form of fasted cardio in the morning, sweating always leaves me feeling mentally recharged. I also really love kickboxing with weights for cardio and toning!
 6.) How has your eating habits changed and what advice do you have for people who are looking to change to a healthier lifestyle.
My eating habits have changed DRASTICALLY. I eat like I love myself. I’m in love with Herbalife (as anyone who comes to any of my social media pages will see lol). I get to have 2 delicious shakes a day, packed with over 20 nutrients and vitamins, with 24 grams of protein in each shake that supply my body with the dietary needs most people aren’t getting in their diet. I eat every 3 hours, between meals snacking on healthy options. I don’t over indulge but I also don’t deny myself anything. It’s about moderation and feeding your body with the right things and for me Herbalife makes it simple. For anyone looking to get healthy and make changes, I would suggest their make a decision, and just decide to commit. The key is committing to get results and having patience. I didn’t gain 40 lbs over night, so I couldn’t expect to lose 40 lbs over night. If anyone is looking for help, feel free to email Rae at and she will be glad to offer any assistance or provide you with more information about the program that’s been working for her.
Thanks for sharing your journey with us!  Everyone has their own way to fitness but one thing we all have to do to get there is #commitenduresucceed
Hope you are inspired and motivated this Monday!
Peace & Love,