I found myself lost in deep thought for about two days.   After my last post titled “The Future” where I shared the recent loss of 3 loved ones and the importance of being in the now, that evening I received news that my aunt was admitted into the ICU and was not doing well.  As the tension hit the back of my throat and the thoughts of her fighting for her life flashed into my mind, I could only pray and hope that she would make it but when the morning came we received news that she had left us.  I could feel the silence in the room and the total dropping of my heart into my stomach because it was just so sudden and so unexpected.  The last memory of her that I have is her telling me that I looked beautiful at my vow renewal in Feb and dancing and laughing with us as me my husband and the rest of our family celebrated our 10 year anniversary & vow renewal.  Truly I can’t believe she is gone.  Rest in Peace Aunt Wanda, you will forever remain in our hearts!



I am reminded of the  scripture that says,  life is but a vapor.

James 4:14

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

Because our lives are so precious, I encourage you all to love harder, believe in yourselves more and never give up on your dreams.  There are a lot of us out here fighting a battle that they feel they have to take on all by themselves.  Some struggle with depression and anxiety, others low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts…whereas there are people just really struggling with money issues, health issues, bullying issues, abuse and abandonment ….I have not listed them all but I understand and trust me you are not alone.  Someone out there is going through too, we really do need each other.  I encourage anyone reading this to LOVE  a little HARDER & talk to God about it.  He knows all about it but there is just something so powerful about prayer, it works. Sometimes it may seem like God is ignoring you, especially when your prayers aren’t answered the way you expect or hope but just know that in ALL things God knows best.  He will work it out, keep trusting him.  If you have never trusted him, try talking to him in your own way.  Work a little bit towards your goals everyday and build yourself up.  Don’t allow depression to come in and rob you of your life and your energy!  Here are some things that helped me when I was going through and still today.  I am a work in progress but I believe God to make all of my dreams come true and take me higher than I have ever been in mind-body and soul.  I long to do what I love to do for a living and encourage & inspire others along the way.

  1. Pray
  2. Journal Write
  3. Exercise (I need to do more of this but trust me it helps)
  4. Eat right, less junk & more fruits & veggies (working on it)
  5. Do something nice for someone
  6. Do something nice for yourself
  7. Read Scriptures, positive books, positive quotes & poetry
  8. Try something different
  9. Ignore the naysayers & if you fall get back up
  10. Love hard & stay around positive people
  11. Take social media breaks
  12. If you have pets play with them
  13. Go for a walk outside
  14. Breathe Deeply
  15. Express Yourself & Listen to Good Uplifting Music

I have so many more but these help me whenever I feel down or need a push.  I am still working towards my physical health & fitness but I have been falling off here and there too which has kind of been bumming me out lately.  Still, I won’t give up.  The goal is to be the healthiest version of me, for me. With God, ALL things are possible!

Peace & Blessings (praying for all of those who are mourning today)