stepstone copy
Sometimes I look back on old modeling pictures of myself and am amazed with what I see in the reflection.  I see a confident woman who knows what she wants and ready to get it all; all of her dreams realized with strongest of faith and no limitations!  Then, I’ll look in the mirror and see something different…and other times I feel defeated like I don’t know what I want in life but deep down I do know.  There is a pull on my heart and it calls me with every waking day.  As time ticks on the clock one thing I know that I want for sure is to inspire others to believe in themselves even with the same if not more of the inspiration and motivation I had to pursue these once dreams that became a reality.  I am not done chasing my dreams,  I still want to do more and be more and I will always love modeling and continue to model but my shift says this does not end here and I must keep moving forward…my faith says this is my stepping stone to something more.

Photography by S. Debas (Unedited)