pushI’ve never had a baby before but I have witnessed my little cousin’s birth and say all that to say that in life sometimes you can get/feel a little stuck, it happens! It can be with anything, jobs, relationships, dreams, desires, mind sets even in health & fitness… You know where you’ve reached a plateau and just get stuck??? Sometimes we just need to push pass it all but it has to be done right. In birth there is a wrong and right time to push, like I said I’ve never experienced this but sometimes you need a little help…some coaching while you’re trying to deliver that baby. Your family and friends may have the best intentions for you but only YOU can feel that pull on the inside to push and only that doctor knows when to encourage that push to bring forth that healthy “new baby”…. It may be painful but you were never destined to stay stuck either!!! So if you’re feeling stuck, please don’t give up….talk to God however you know best and tune into your guide….no one knows like God knows your time to push…. It might be right NOW!