Hi guys!  Thanks for being so patient with me as I work out a better schedule for me to blog.  I wanted to post daily and I still might but in order to do things decently and in order I want to have a schedule that I can stick to for right now since I have been doing so much in preparation for this very special weekend, which I will share more about soon.  My Pastor always says remember the 5 P’s in life to get the job done and that is, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance and the same goes for eating right and working out.  I started off nice and slow which was working out for me but then noticed when the weekends would come I would fall off again, this is when I thought about the 5 P’s.

  Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard. So I have a few things going on with this blog and this mind body soul fitness journey:


  • PROPER PLANNING – I have 3 interviews/features lined up with some pretty amazing women who I know personally have started their own fitness journey and are fired up! These will surely get me and you more motivated and inspired to keep moving forward!
  • REGULAR POSTS – I have decided to stick with a minimum of 3 blogs per week to help aid me along the way and not let this blog become stagnant as I am very passionate about what I am doing here. I need to post regularly to also keep myself motivated as this is my new attempt to find a plan and stick to one that works best for me, YOUR help and support mean a lot to me here so I know posting at least 3 x a week will help.
  • PUTTING IT OUT THERE – This has helped me become more accountable. I’ve posted to ALL of my social networks and I am looking also for more people who are doing it that I can feature and learn more tips from.  I know a lot about weightloss/fitness, trust me on this but I am always willing to learn more and find what works best for me.
  • MEAL PLANNING – This is something that I know I need to do more of in order to prevent random snacking when I am hungry and the lazy spells that hit when I am tired. The less I work out, the less energy I have to workout so I need to also implement a workout schedule that I can stick with!
  • MORNING WORKOUTS – I have learned over the years that evening workouts are not my favorite thing to! After coming home from work, settling down and preparing/eating dinner the last thing I feel like doing is hopping on the treadmill or heading to the gym.  Some would say just be like Nike and “Just Do It” but honestly I am not there yet.  I am doing this thing on my terms so that I am successful in creating an overall healthier lifestyle.  My new plan?  Morning workouts!  A lot of people have told me how beneficial the morning workouts are and I used to do them back in the day but totally stopped when the Lucille Roberts near my job shut down out of nowhere.  So I plan to try this again by getting up earlier and working out at least 30 minutes 3 x a week, I’ll let you know how that goes.

For now this is what I am planning to prevent poor performance here.  I will officially start the new schedule on Monday as I have a big celebration coming up that I have been planning so I am a little scatter-brained this week! Xoxo!


What are some things that you do to help you stay on point?

peacePeace & Love,