This is not just a health and fitness blog.  I started this blog to help me on my journey to getting fit again but this is more of a mind, body, soul blog because all of that is intertwined and it really does take balance.  So even though I am new here, one goal is to blog daily because I believe this way will help me more than any other way that I have tried in the past but this weekend I fell off.  Now I don’t think that there isn’t one person out here that hasn’t experienced some sort of a setback in life but one thing I’ve learned is that the only thing that can hold you back is YOU.


Setbacks are made for comebacks!  I’m sure you have seen this quote many times and even different versions of them, this is one of my favorite reminders to KEEP GOING!  You can either choose to stay where you fell off at or you can choose to move forward and I’m not just talking about health and fitness here, I am talking about everything in life…truly it takes a positive, made up mind to not stay stuck.

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I know what it feels like to be stuck, trust me I have been there and I thank God for the shift in my life but like I said I am a work in progress  but I have a lot of experience and I have so much to share here ;)!


When you’ve experienced a setback, especially when trying to incorporate healthier habits like regular exercise and eating less snacks, one of the hardest things to do is STOP and start again.  I was doing pretty good with the no iced coffees and the cutting back of meats and then the weekend came and I got lazy.  I had my great niece stay with me over the weekend and I had to keep up with her so I felt like I had no time for working out and I really felt tired too…toddlers!!.  As soon as Sunday morning came in I found myself rushing out the door to church and heading straight to Dunkins for that ole iced coffee and donut.  Now, I am not reporting everything “bad” that I eat here because that is not what I want to focus on but I will say that starting the day off like that had me right back where I started and began to start feeling a little defeated.  I’m saying all this because I just want to share with you how some old habits die hard and how even if you experience a setback you don’t have to stay there.  I know I’m not!  This journey for me is an entire lifestyle change.  All of those bad habits that I had picked up aren’t just going to stop overnight by themselves, it will take dedication and work to change them and incorporate new ones and keep reinforcing those new ones.  Trust me when I say I know how to lose weight but for some reason not only has this time around been more challenging for me, it has also been more enlightening because I recognize the importance of balancing everything else, mind body and soul.  If you have experienced some sort of setback in your life right now just know, you are not alone and you have the CHOICE to get back up and move forward.  Don’t let anything or anybody hold you down and keep working on becoming your best self because you have it in you!  God makes no mistakes, if you are reading this right now it was meant for you to read it.  Be encouraged and know you are on your way to greater things!  Keep going, I am trucking right along with you… and I know we got this!

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Hope this leaves you inspired!

peacePeace & Love ~Limarie