Can’t get the Roots chorus out of my head today so I’ll plug the lyrics in here:

When I wake up, I look into the mirror
I can see a clearer, vision
I should start living today
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day
Cause today is gonna be the day, is gonna be the day

I woke up this morning feeling so good inside, so motivated and inspired.  Yesterday I made the decision to kick my coffee habit and also to cut back on eating so much meat.  I posted this selfie on my IG with the following thoughts:  feeling blessed today just for the mind to form healthier habits for myself mind, body & soul and truly that is just how I feel.


So what did I do today?  I woke up earlier than usual and I got cracking on some of the things that I like to do as part of my morning routine instead of laying there trying to soak up every second of sleep. 😉

I woke up at 5:30 am and got started right away even with sleep still in my eyes and was able to accomplish so much and left the house feeling so great!

  • Morning Prayer & Journal Writing
  • Scripture Reading (usually 1-3 chapters of Psalms)
  • 10 Minute Youtube Workout with Tiffany Rothe
  • Time for a light beating with Mac, Wet n’ Wild and NYX cosmetics too 😉



~Paz y Amor~Limarie