Confession Time:

I have a coffee addiction; but not just any coffee addiction, an extra cream and sugar iced coffee addiction.  Freezing cold outside with no gloves?  It doesn’t matter.  Super long line at Dunkins?  I will still wait.

So let’s talk bad eating habits for a little bit, we all have them but how do we get rid of them when we are ready?

We must kill them DAILY.

Yup, I said it… DAILY!

I asked myself this morning, what happened?  When I was my healthiest, I had kicked the coffee habit by replacing that drink with water and healthy smoothies and what I noticed was not only did I crave less sugary snacks, I felt more energized and alert too!  But lately I have been having an extra sugar, extra cream iced coffee at least 3-4 times a week and this habit must be killed out.

When I started blogging a little more about my journey, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the coffee but today I realized that I have to.  In the past, replacing some of my bad eating habits with good ones has been something that always worked but this time it has to be an everyday thing, a lifestyle.  I’m keeping it 100 with you and myself; I’ve got work to do but I am totally at the right place to start, NOW.  I am not one for cutting everything out and going at it like that, there are some of you that can do that (my hubby for example) but I’ve been there before and know myself enough to know that way doesn’t work for me.  This time, I am taking baby steps sprinkled with a little momentum 😉

2569262_origKicking a bad habit has to become an everyday process, in which you choose to replace that old habit with a better one.  They say it takes about 21 days to form a new habit so I’m going to give it a try because I don’t want this iced coffee thing to own me and trust me this is ONE habit I know I need to kick for the health of my mind-body and soul!  I love my overly sweet iced coffees, but when you find yourself standing in a long line knowing you are running late just to get that fix almost every day now, there is a problem.  So today, two iced coffees in, I have decided to kick this habit once again by replacing my iced coffee with 1 of 3 things:  water, herbal tea or my favorite banana-peanut butter smoothie (I’ll share the recipe soon) .

I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress on killing this habit.  Do you have a bad habit you want to kick or have kicked?  What are you doing or did you do to help you kick it? I’d love to hear from you!

Till next time !

peace Limarie