So today I have been nominated by my friend e of Authenticitee for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!!  Thanks e!  What’s pretty weird about it is that I am pretty new to wordpress so I don’t have many people who I follow just yet…PLUS I was trying to learn the ropes here so I don’t look cray-cray since I feel so new but this is a good place to be so let me see what I can do here.  So the following are the rules and since getting nominated I decided to follow some of you from my Twitter, (hey I had to start somewhere, lol 😉

The Rules:
° show the award on your blog (done)
° thank the person who nominated you (done)
° share seven facts about yourself (done)
° nominate fifteen blogs (I only got like 3, sorry but if you want me to check you out, drop your blog below.  I am THAAAAT new here!)
° link the nominees blogs and let them know (done)

7 Facts About Myself (here we go…)

  1. I am random.  I love to talk about random stuff in detail, especially God and spiritual stuff but that’s not so random is it?
  2. I love to write, especially poetry and music and sing too but I do not have a singing voice so be careful cause once I get started I go in!! LOL! Singing lessons anyone?
  3. I love deeply….to da core baby! …I guess most poets do though 😉
  4. Insert something witty here, I’m fresh out of cool things to say.
  5. Spanish was actually my FIRST language and I had to learn English in school.  Later I had to formally learn spanish to remember a little more…. I just found this out last year from my momma 🙂
  6. I’m addicted to almost all things creative and artistic and my husband is an artist in every sense of the word so yea…we can be weird n stuff LOL!
  7. I’m sensitive but strong and draw all of my strength from God.  My life is pretty focused on using all of my gifts and talents to uplift, teach and inspire others.

And the Nominees Are:

Daily Venus Diva


Curvaciously Yours

Women’s Elevation Magazine

Poetic Parfait

Love & Olives

Curves a la Mode  _ I almost forgot to add this blog which I have been following forever via email before I even started my wp blog.  Love this blog check too check it out!!!