I believe in the law of attraction.  I am grateful for this beginning point and the courage to just go forth and start again.  Some of the greatest experts in life first had to be a student at one point; experience makes a world of difference!  So here I am committed to movement once again and taking steps toward my physical fitness goals. Since yesterday I have been choosing to watch what I eat more carefully and incorporating more vegetables and less sugary snacks.  I have also been drinking A LOT more water.  Don’t get it twisted ya girl still has to fall back from the everyday iced coffees from DD w/extra cream and sugar but we’re talking about small victories in this post and I’m not there quite yet, lol but eventually I know I will be.

This morning I woke up an hour later than I had hoped.  I wasn’t running late but the time I needed to workout on the treadmill was gone so I chose to SQUAT.  Chile, I needed to do something or else I was probably going to feel defeated for the day.  It is very easy to give up especially in the beginning so I wasn’t about to let that happen.  Squatting is something I can do fairly easily and I can feel it working which makes me feel good and helps me feel like I am doing something even if it is small.  I pushed out 25 squats and stopped.  I probably could have done more but I had a few other things to do this morning so as long as I did 5 more than yesterday that was good to me.

tumblr_m1mcywId641rrhfneo1_500Everyone has a starting point and I am reminding myself of this everyday.  As long as I keep moving and embrace the baby steps right now, I know I am choosing to be in the moment and appreciate what it took just to get me back to this starting point and soon and very soon I will be reaching my goals but for now I’m just thankful. One thing I have learned on my many journey’s to good health and fitness was never to compare myself to anyone else.  In life your biggest competition should be with the person you were yesterday so today I celebrate my small victories of doing the following:

  • Pushing out 25 Squats in the AM
  • 50 Leg Lifts in the Office (when I got a moment alone, lol)
  • Instead of DD’s breakfast I had two hard-boiled eggs w/my Coffee 😉
  • Snack was actually oatmeal instead of a candy bar
  • Lunch was Soup & a Rice Krispies Treat (hey I said baby steps for me didn’t I?)
  • Water, Water, Water! – as you already probably know, being properly hydrated works wonders for the body #mindbodyandsoul (Check my article on that at DVD here:

http://dailyvenusdiva.com/2010/05/17/how-many-cups-of-water-c-o-w-s-are-you-drinking-a-day/ )

All in all this was very good for me especially after starting the day off without the cardio I wanted but as long as I keep moving and keep making bearable changes I know I’m still moving forward! YAY!


What are/were some of YOUR small victories on your health & fitness journey?