stepsWhen I first started this blog I had originally called it something else but I wanted the name to fit this journey a little more.  You see after coming out of a difficult season in life, I realized that the inactivity (depressed) state that I was in had caused me to partake in some serious emotional eating.  Now I know what you are probably thinking, we all do it from time to time especially around that time of the month but this was a little different.  To clarify, it’s not like I was sitting in front of the TV with a bucket of ice cream or anything like that but I definitely was operating with an “unchecked” mind; that is I was choosing to not concern myself with the amount I was eating because it helped make me feel better about my unresolved issues with infertility, and the emotional rollercoaster that can sometimes cause a person to stress herself out and become sick.  I am so much better now since I made the move to pour out my bitterness to God for healing but we can talk in more detail about that later if you are interested because that deserves its own entry.  Now that my mind is feeling renewed and stronger than ever and I am healed (Yes I have claimed it), I have decided to bring my body into this equation.  I not only want to lose the excess weight I have put on towards the end of 2014 but I want to also lose any excess weight that I can; the goal is not to be skinny but instead to get my most fit, my most energized and really just become my best self mind-body and soul.  I now believe I can do that!

This site is my step in the right direction and I know it!  Even with the recent loss of my great-grandmother, Welita Santos (1/11/15 may she rest in peace)I found myself once again turning to food for comfort and although I love to eat I had already made up my mind that I was going to get fit so here I am and I am actually doing it yall!

Your support and just the writing part of this journey has helped me already to start working towards my overall fitness goals.  Today I woke up earlier than usual and added some exercise to my morning routine.

20 Squats

20 Minutes on the Treadmill

I honestly wanted to stop after 15 minutes on the treadmill but I pushed myself for 5 more minutes to challenge myself.  I was originally hoping to do the whole 30 minutes but at my current level I had to do what I could and I am proud of that.

I’m curious to know, what do you feel was YOUR Step in the Right Direction? I’d love to hear from you!

peacePeace & Love,